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Meet the Owners
Verlo Mattress of Overland Park, KS is proudly owned by Gary and Michelle Johnson. After working a few decades in corporate settings, they decided to take on a new challenge by becoming business owners in an industry that promotes health and wellness. Their hope is to help improve how people sleep and make a positive impact in their community by helping cultivate healthy lifestyles. Gary is an Army veteran and an accomplished information technology leader. Michelle is an experienced people leader working several years as an operations manager. Gary and Michelle have been married for 20 years and have three kids: Carolyn, Grant, and Olivia. They love to travel and they’re BIG Kansas City Chiefs fans! Please stop in to say hello!
What to expect at Verlo
Whatever your budget, your sleeping habits, or your comfort preference, you can find a great mattress at Verlo. Unlike other mattress stores, we don't source our mattresses from out-of-state manufacturers. Instead, we make our mattresses right here in Overland Park, KS. American made, locally crafted!
Our vCollection offers 5 distinct comfort levels – Firm, Plush, Eurotop, Hybrid, and Foam. At Verlo Mattress of Overland Park, we offer the same price for each comfort level. To find the right comfort level for you, stop by our store and we can take you through our Comfort Fit process. If none of our comfort levels feel right, we can personalize a firmer or softer feel just for you.
Every Verlo mattress is backed by our Lifetime Comfort Guarantee. As your body and sleeping preferences change over time, we can adjust the comfort level of your mattress to fit your evolving needs. Our zip closure mattresses allow us to make comfort adjustments easy and convenient. We offer delivery and removal to make the process easy, so please come by and see for yourself, we hope you’ll be delighted!
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Sleep Even Better With Our Lifetime Comfort Guarantee
One of the most unique promises in the industry. If you want a softer or firmer feel, we can easily adjust your mattress according to your preferences, removing the risk of mattress shopping. Free during a qualifying period after purchase or for a nominal fee.
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Dare to Compare
At Verlo, we're the best place to buy a mattress for a simple reason. We want to help you find the perfect mattress to fit your comfort and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a single-sided mattress, you do not have to flip your mattress. Simply rotate it to encourage even wear. Double-sided mattresses should be flipped and rotated.

Yes. Verlo can adjust most mattresses sold today, not just our own.

Then you’ll both be happy since Verlo can make one side firmer and the other side softer. Neither one of you will have to compromise on comfort.

A Comfort Adjustment entails either one of our local experts coming to your home or bringing your mattress back to our factory so we can open it and replace, add, or subtract different components to change its feel. For instance, we can add gel memory foam or latex foam to soften your mattress. On the flip side, we can make your mattress firmer by switching to firmer components.